Apr 3, 2006

Museum Monday #8

Monday. Yada yada. Still, this Monday doesn't seem so bad after all (definitely not good either, just not as bad). The weekend was of course great and quite a help, thus pushing the stereotypical Monday gloom away. On the other hand, things aren't rosy, and as every wise and bearded old man knows (and would happily tell you), if a Monday is okay(ish), then the following week will be hell. Hell, I tell you. Hell.

But, I digress. I know. On to the Museum Monday stuff then. This week I'll be sending you for a visit at a weird and quirky little virtual museum, with absolutely no relation to gaming. It's the Museum of Unworkable Devices, discovered through Ron Gilbert's amazing Grumpy Gamer blog. Have a look, it's free, and I know you love freebies. Especially on a Monday.

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  1. Off to a decent monday, followed by an 'eh' day. So, I guess thats what a beared Gnome would also say, that if a Monday is average, then the next day will have extreme lows and decent moments as well?

  2. Nope, decent moments aren't supposed to be there....

  3. Great find with the museum of unworkable devices. really interesting stuff. Again. Perhaps I couls display myself in there for today I made up an excuse so I didnt have to go to work!

  4. Now, that's a great success! We all salut you dear Tom...