Oct 24, 2014

The Watchful Indie Watch #24.10

Another week, another update sporting all the indie gaming news you most criminally missed. Well, not all of them to be absolutely frank, but merely those I thought would tickle your fine sense of taste reader dear.

If I could officially sponsor a game, that would have to be Nubarron: the adventures of an unlucky gnome. It features the most beautiful gnome to ever explore a gorgeous fantasy puzzle platformer while being chased by a rather deadly cloud. Also, it's on Kickstarter and must happen.

Speaking of games that have to happen, here I am reminding you of another mouth-watering Kickstarter: H. P. Lovecraft: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. It will be a 3rd person cosmic horror point-and-clicker set in HPL's Providence and the campaign has only a week left to it.

The 2014 Interactive Fiction Competition is waiting for you go and try it's wonderful, freeware and very texty games and possibly vote on the best. My personal favourites so far would include Zest, HHH, Hill 160 and Krypteia.

Friendship, love and technology meet each other in else Heart.Break() and its lovely new trailer. As for me, well, I was actually reminded of Little Big Adventure myself.

Quintet is a spaceship bridge sim that lets you fantasize about being Captain Kirk (or equivalent) and lead your friends to glorious defeats in space. It is also seeking our support on Steam Greenlight and is properly free for all to enjoy.

Those into space trading and strategizing on the other hand should probably take a look at the freshly released Smugglers 5: Invasion by Niels Bauer. It seems like a highly promising stand-alone expansion to a game I already love. The thing's also available on Steam and GOG.

And to spice things up with a freebie, here's the bonkers Man Giving Up. It really is too silly for words, but also crafted with AGS.

Finally, Go To Bed! And, if possible, survive the night with Touchfight's first game that may still be in beta but is looking gorgeous in its moody black and white graphics.

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