Oct 22, 2014

Fantasy Freeware Frolicking For Fun

Now, if everyone would kindly ignore my pathetic attempts at alliteration, I'd be more than happy to let my faithful reader know that my Freeware Annarian Games list has been updated. Yes, again, and you can find all the new freebies that made it in right where you'd expect them to be. Right among them older ones.

But, as this is neither the first nor the last addition to the list, there really doesn't seem to be a point in writing this very post, does it? Shockingly, it does.

First of all, I'd like to make sure you know the list is constantly being updated with the best freeware stuff I can find and, secondly, this freeware talk is the perfect chance for me to let you know that I've started writing for Rock Paper Shotgun. Yes! Woohoo! I'm doing a daily column called Freeware Garden which, you guessed it, is all about the best free games for the PC and I believe you'll love it reader.

Oh, and what with the humble but crucial support I've been getting via Patreon I'm still contributing articles to both Warp Door and IndieGames.com.

Now you know. 

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