Feb 11, 2013

How to Contact Press & Entertain the Possibility of Feeding Your Indie Self

If you are an indie developer and aren't aware of the excellent online resource that is Pixel Prospector, you are seriously missing out. It's a true goldmine of information and inspiration, it is. What's more, the Pixel Prospector has compiled an invaluable little PDF booklet about contacting the press: the aptly named How To Contact Press. A free offering I can't help but endorse, as it simply makes sense and covers everything from press releases and press emails to who to contact and how to organize a press kit. Invaluable really!


  1. Hey Gnome! I can't say I've done much game development lately, but that looks like a great resource. I found and read an interesting article by Derek Yu with a minute of clicking around.

    1. Hello dear Ithmeer! Lovely having you around again my friend! Glad you enjoyed the link too; now back to game development!