Feb 12, 2013

Asylum: The Kickstartering

Not many know this, but I'm more than proud of the fact that Agustin Cordes first announced the forthcoming Asylum via an interview on this very blog back in 2010. Admittedly, it was called the Unnameable Project back then, but it was still the very same horror adventure game everyone seems to be waiting for and the same game that has already released an incredibly promising interactive teaser (a.k.a. a small demo) for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Also, the very same game that has launched a fantastic Kickstarter campaign to ensure it becomes everything it should be. Here's the pitch video:

The Asylum, which I urge you to wholeheartedly support, is bound to be a huge, detailed, beautiful and downright creepy point-and-click adventure, that will build upon the experience its team has gathered from working on the rather brilliant Scratches, while simultaneously being the first adventure game I know of that will be open to modding! It will after all ship with the powerful and open-source Dagon engine Senscape has been busy developing. 

Oh, and if you want my advice, when selecting your perk do go for that boxed version of the game. I know it will be sublime.


  1. (....Rushes to greet the elusive Gnome and falls foul of Extraordinary Anti-Hug Gnome Flaying Device...)


  2. (disables anti-hug devices; opens arms)

    ready when you are...

  3. Thanks for flagging this one up Gnomey! Looks bloody frightening, not normally my kind of thing, but as a Linux version is on the cards, I've thrown a couple of bob in the pot.

    Great to see you blogging again, chap!

    1. That's lovely dear Stickhead and thank you very much too :) Oh, and you do know I'm also writing for Indiegames.com right?