Apr 18, 2012

Let A Thousand Free Games Bloom

Okay, one thousand free games would be a tad excessive, but half a dozen ones would be more than appropriate for this most interesting of springs. Besides, I hadn't done one of those freeware lists for quite some time now and the voices were rather angry; they also insisted on being as eclectic as possible...

Vidiot: Described by its creator as Halo meets Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, this is a truly demented offering and a delightfully weird collection of mini-games. Oh, and it can easily be used do emotionally scar your kids and/or pets.

Poacher: Metroidvania done by wise game critic and accomplished adventure designer Yahtzee and done right. Also, with a healthy does of humour. Also, also, one of the very few games pitting you against rabbits. Fluffy ones too.

UNGA needs MUMBA: Hunt a mammoth! Be a successful stone age hunter! Feel like Unga! Meet Mumba! Love Nonga! Enjoy the excellent graphics and voices! Solve puzzles! Explore caves! Point! Click!

Orbiter 2010: Still haven't managed to buy Mass Effect 3? Well, I wouldn't worry. Orbiter is here and it will let you explore space in a much more realistic and cost-effective way. Should probably last longer too, as this is a proper simulation.

Masters of Constantinople: Text away in a tale of intrigue, mystery and Byzantine betrayals while the Empire crumbles and knowledge has to be preserved. It's a very interesting choose-your-own-adventure affair with more than a few meaningful choices.

Epic Sax Game: Because it almost sounds rude and is the most brutally hard rhythm game I've ever encountered. Still, persevere and you'll be rewarded.

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  1. I'm pretty well into Poacher. I've enjoyed it so far but am also finding it brutally difficult. The frustration it creates straddles the line between "try try again" and "smash smash computer." So far the try again voice has won out. I just made it through the Great Library, which I've read is the most frustrating part, and now I can trade out grenades for health, so it should be (relatively) smooth sailing for the rest of the game.

    1. Just please let me know, as the Library is where I think I'll abandon the thing. Other than that, I must admit a bit of game-induced frustration can be most liberating...

  2. Your generosity.. it knows no bounds... and I'm glad to know it's not just me that hears voices....

    Thank you mr.Gnome :)

    1. You are most welcome minister Elderly! The voices did indeed say they are your friends too. And that we are all so very healthy. And smart.

  3. Feel like Unga! Meet Mumba! Love Nonga!

    Heck! How can you go wrong with that.. Thanks for sharing, Gnome!