Apr 10, 2012

April's Adventure Lantern

One more issue of the finest of adventure gaming fanzines has been released and you can download it over at Adventure Lantern. It is customarily free, has been crafted using only the best PDF materials available and sports reviews of J.U.L.I.A., Amnesia, Limbo, Cthulhu Saves the World and Dead Cyborg, an interview on Delaware St. John 4 and more than a few newsbits. So, uhm, hooray!


  1. Downloaded. Plus a couple others. I think I will play some Limbo today. I have not yet finished that one.

  2. Watching the Legend of Grimrock on a live stream tonight. Looks really good. I haven't played a game like this since Eye of the Beholder.. lol Well I did play orcs n elves or something to that nature, but doesn't compare to this. Might have to make a purchase!

  3. Never finished Limbo myself. Must have gotten roughly 75% of it done, when I got distracted and lost my touch. Should play it again; definitely worth it.

    As for Legend of Grimrock, dear Deitrix, it definitely looks fantastic and apparently plays so too. Should be better than Eye of the Beholder according to at least one friend.