May 3, 2010

Snakes of Avalon / Eternally Us

Snakes of AvalonEternally USLadies and gentlemen, let me present you with two, yes TWO, brand new, romantically exotic, truly dashing, intuitively point-and-clickable, absolutely freeware, decently sized, modestly shaped, cunningly illustrated, richly covered in audio, shockingly intelligent, mischievously funny, modernly innovative and absolutely worthy of your attention adventures, that will make your life this little bit better. Let me present you with Snakes of Avalon and Eternally Us. Two excellent specimens of indie adventuring discovered in the wild and dangerous lands of AGS. Two unique pieces of interactive entertainment enough to fill an evening with wholesome entertainments. Two exquisite works of art to bring your very personal computer to life. They are indeed marvelous!

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  1. I'm always a step behind your recommendations, Gnome. I just played Hope the other day...

  2. Think nothing of it. I'll just have the police beat you up a bit and all will be fine. Then you'll get to play a bit of Scratches.

  3. At first I wanted to shout "What, point'n'click again?!", but I have played Featherweight some time ago after your recommendation and found it very interesting, if a little underdeveloped as a story.

    What follows is that I trust your judgment and will give them a try, fearing that I might miss sometihng valuable otherwise.

  4. For people who played, or will play Snakes of Avalon. Visit this forum thread for updates, discussion, and hopefully you'll leave some comment about the game as well:

  5. @ Barts: Thank you for the confidence, but -do know- that I'm quite the point-and-click fan, really. So, uhm, you don't have to try everything, though those two games are actually very good and short.

    @ Igor: I'm sure the link will be appreciated.