Apr 28, 2010

Dune Wars: The Dune mod for Civ IV

Dune Wars Civilization 4For some odd reason I haven't played a game of Civilization IV for more than a few years. Even more shockingly Civ IV has never been installed on my latest PC, despite being one of the first games ever reviewed for Gnome's Lair. Happily and thanks to this most interesting Rock Paper Shotgun post, things are about to radically change; apparently a new version of an excellent free mod for the game has been made available and it's all about Frank Herbert's political, epic, eco sci-fi masterpiece that was Dune.

The mod's name is none other than the rather apt Dune Wars and can be download in its spankin' new 1.8 version via modDB. It is of course free and apparently a total conversion of the original Civ IV, featuring a ton of new rules, buildings, graphics, units, models, sounds, factions, wonders, civ abilities and even AI, that should make this the best turn based strategy game in the Dune universe ever. The production values seem fantastic too, though nothing sounds as exciting as a worm eating up a unit or having the Guild transport units from other planets.

Here are the piccies that will whet your appetite (click for larger versions):

Dune Wars Civ IVDune Wars Civ 4Dune Wars Civilization IVCiv Dune mod

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  1. Shouldn't that be "WHET your appetite"?

    Also, I wonder if that Harkonnen is animated.

  2. You are absolutely right. Ooops :)

  3. Thank you my dear Possum!

  4. What do you think about this game ..?


    Looks entertaining... Kinda want to play it myself..

  5. Hmmm... seems very interesting, heard some good words about it but haven't tried it myself.

  6. I think my last brief contact with Dune universe in computer form was Emperor: Battle for Dune, quite a good game (see the score on Metacritic: http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/pc/emperorbattlefordune ).

    How does this one play? Is it fun?

  7. Never tried Emperor, but always wanted to. Seems like a lovely little game, though lacking the absolute historical significance of Dune II. BTW, Dune Wars is a Civ mod, and thus plays quite a bit like Civ.

  8. One of the mod team here, so hardly unbiased...

    The core is a total conversion of Civ4 (with entirely new units, religions, civics, techs, promotions, etc), but there are several new mechanics that make the game play differently.

    Check this recent review though to see if it sounds like you, or check out our forum on Civfanatics.

  9. Congratulation on your amazing work dear Ahriman and thanks for your visit. That link was rather handy too...

    Cheers and keep up the great work!