Mar 9, 2009

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf / Sector II (pronounced "oon-taa-tsee-gars-doorf sek-tor too") released

Soviet Unterzoegersdorf / Sector IISoviet Unterzoegersdorf Sector 2Jumping from GameSetWatch to Laughing Squid I did find out that the hotly anticipated Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Sector II has finally been made available for download. So, well, I cyber-jumped to its very own, highly amusing, deeply proletarian, monochrom produced and masterfully revolutionary website, enjoyed the design, shed a tear for socialism and got myself a fantastic game. Mind you, Sector I has also been available for your gaming pleasure for quite some time now and can be shared via that very same liberated www place.

To wet your appetite even more, let me inform you that this is a brilliantly humorous point-and-click adventure of an almost FMV variety that can be downloaded for absolutely free. And it's playable on Windows XP/Vista/2000, Linux and OSX. As for the plot and atmosphere, have a read:

People of the world, you, who sit in your superficially secure third countries.

Soviet Unterzögersdorf (pronounced «oon-taa-tsee-gars-doorf») is the last existing appanage republic of the USSR. The enclave maintains no diplomatic relationship with the surrounding so-called «Republic of Austria» or with the Fortress «European Union». The downfall of her motherland -- the Soviet Union -- in the early 1990s had a particularly bad effect on the country’s economic situation.

It is a great challenge to secure survival for the small but proud confederation. External reactionary forces put the country in danger. It’s a lack of respect due to a morally corrupted and perhaps even non-existing unity of the peoples. The goal of a glorious future is almost unreachable.

But there are a handful of people who don’t give up on a vision for a better tomorrow. Let us tell you the stories of the brave citizens in the beautiful little country of Soviet Unterzögersdorf.

It’s a story that will go into history.
I'm pretty sure your donations wouldn't go amiss either. On the contrary comrades. They'll guarantee the equally lavish production of the -from now on- hotly anticipated Sector III and will most possibly help bring fortress Europe on its knees.

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  1. I should have let you know those guys posted in the AGS forums in-production topic quite some weeks ago..sorry then!!

  2. Nah, don't worry about it my friend. That's after all why I daily visit GSW :)

  3. version 1.1 for windows is out. tomorrow, osx (intel) and linux.

  4. Thanks for the extra info Johannes. Oh, and great work!

  5. Gnome where do you find such good and unique games from?

  6. Well, if I were to provide a list I'd definitely, err, list GSW, TIG source, Indie Games blog, Play This Thins, Retro Remakes, and SSH 's Ags blog dear ross.

  7. SSH's blog sucks!!!(:P), johannes, my favorite site for independent games is AGS (Adventure Game Studio), but like its name, it mostly features Adventure games, but if you want to see cool attempts to revive the genre of the 90's its the place to go.

  8. I always thought that live action actors in games were kind of, well, gimmicky (although I did like the X-Files game for the PSOne, even if it was just basically pointing and clicking on video clips).

    I'll give this one a shot though, but only because I love all things Soviet.

  9. Same think here dear Tom. I got a Soviet fetish and a general distrust of FMV games, despite Gabriel Knight 2 being brilliant.