Mar 14, 2009

DOS Nostalgia gets all nostalgic while playing Castle Wolfenstein

DOS Nostalgia... Can't believe I haven't mentioned this fantastic site for what must have been longer than a month, but, well, better late than ever I suppose. Anyway. As you might have guessed, DOS Nostalgia is a pretty young retro gaming site/blog/thingy focusing on the world of classic pc games of the DOS variety, which as you might have noticed I'm particularly fond of myself. Now, as I'm also fond of classic game video reviews, I must admit that DOS Nostalgia has evolved into one of my favourite places on the net. Its video reviews, you see, are absolutely brilliant.

What's more, Anatoly, the man behind said videos, has already covered an excellent selection of games (including such truly irresistible choices as Loom, Manhunter: New York and all time favourite Alley Cat) which have already proven his taste, talent and refreshing lack of horrible internet humour. Go see for yourselves luvs. Oh, and here's a sample covering an obscure little game you might have heard: Castle Wolfenstein.


  1. You are too kind, sir :)
    I WISH there was a dos version of Labyrinth, but sadly there isn't :(
    And I think UBIK is Windows only.
    About LucasArts - yeah, I'm gonna get all of those eventually. I'm an adventure gamer so those games are easiest for me to review, but I don't want to concentrate on one genre exclusively.
    Once again, thank you very much for all your support,

  2. Ah, thanks for dropping by Anatoly. Really love your work you know. Oh, and you're absolutely correct. Ubik is a Windows 95 game, and Labyrinth didn't make it to the IBM compatibles. Hmm, think Myst was Windows only too, right? Still, a particularity fuzzy period 95-97... Privateer 2 was DOS only mind.

    Cheers and keep it up!

  3. Nice review Anatoly!

    I still have all my older games I used to run in Dos.

    It's great that we have programs like Dosbox.

    You gonna cover the Quest for Glory series?

  4. Hey tha sounds like a great suggestion Caleb. Why not voice it oer at DOS Nostalgia then?

  5. I can still remember playing Frogger on my mother's office computer when I was very young. I would play during their lunch break. Frogger offered a unique challenge which required a unique skill at that time: eye-hand coordination.

  6. Eye-hand coordination. Always handy. Heh. And I must admit to only vaguely remember playing Frogger in an arcade with my father and possibly some version of it on an Atari 2600. Quite enjoy it nowadays mind.

    Oh, and thanks for dropping in VGH!