Aug 10, 2008

Decker's Delight Links (11.Aug.08)

Haven't blogged that much lately, I know and I'm not that thrilled about it, but things were -still are, actually- slightly hectic and at times downright shit. Anyway. Here's another selection of fine gaming links to get you by till the Lair strikes back(s). Enjoy., that interesting yet mostly mainstream gaming site, has been nice enough to present us with Shrink Wrapped. It's a brilliantly illustrated piece on the history of PC game packaging trends (covering everything from Akalabeth to City of Heroes), it is. A nice retro start, eh?

On to Monkey Island 2 then, the greatest adventure game of all time, that just -well, relatively speaking- got itself an exhaustive feature over at the International House of Mojo. Expect a brilliant read on the quality of said classic, said classic, its history, its secrets and quite a bit on trivia.

For an insider's look at the admittedly, well, idiosyncratic history of Bullfrog try Alex Trowers' version. Available in two glorious parts: Part 1 and oddly Part 2.

Dear GameSetWatch, on the other hand, provided the internets with a smart and excellently written piece that only slightly has to do with gaming: Sex and Tetris. Unfortunately, none is explicitly described. Oh, and there's a bit on Subversive Games you might enjoy instead. I did.

Rock Paper Shotgun is always brilliant. You know it, I know it, we all generally know it. Read it. Daily. And do not forget to pay attention to some older posts like The Stalin vs. Martians Interview and the glorious (and extra-handy) Planescape Landscapes. Oh, oh, and Word Play of course.

Remember the excellent freeware text-adventure that was Gun Mute? Good. You can now grab its latest version and a ton of extras while peeking at its design notes here. Courtesy of Pacian and his Space Cat Rocket Ship.

Further interactive fiction fun can be had with Milliways: Infocom's Unreleased sequel to the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Learn why it was never made, play the unfinished versions, have a look inside Infocom and don't miss the comments.

TIG Source, always the source and inspiration of top quality indie games, presents (presented more like it) the results of the rather impressive and wildly innovative Procedural Generation Competition Results. Dig in and then move on to the next compo.

Now, after trying the latest version of War Twat, do let Oddbob speak on adventure games and let the man that makes the cops look bad guide you to an excellent freebie. Behold Zombies, Cows and a Sponge.

Edge, the gaming site of the gaming mag, has a gaming feature on Sega's oddest game ever: Segagaga or SGGG. Probably the finest Dreamcast game around and an imaginative love letter Sega sent itself.

For the few tabletop gamers still visiting the lair, here are some links to keep you playing away from your computers: Of Dice and Men, the Warhammer retrospective and the reviews of them Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition books.

Time for the mystery link: The Ultimate Software Gold Plating by Coding Horror. Care for a hint? Here are two: Jeff Minter, Atari Jaguar.

Some relatively random Quick Links:


  1. TA for the link, Mr Nomo...

  2. Truly your brain must be connected direct to the Internet.

    Do you know that the Neuromancer film that's always been threatened seems to finally be getting made? Wintermute help us.

  3. Ah, yes, my fully functioning brain. Connected. Well, why not? Why not indeed?

    Anyway, dark news you bring oh talented friend. A Neuromancer is destined to be a horrible thing. Probably worse than the Lord of the Rings. Wintermute help us...

  4. Sounds like you are working for the same company as me Gnome..!?!?!

    We are having horrid computer problems... Our server has wiped out around 6 HD's so far.. Been without computers for 6 weeks now... Very stressed over the whole deal.
    Anyhooo, lots of booze be sounding mighty good these days!

  5. I'm pretty sure I'm not dear Deirix, as I'm not currently working for any company, let alone an US one... heh... Ah, yes, booze.

  6. That funky Marathon box (mentioned in the article) and the equally funky Spectre VR box (mentioned only ever by me it seems) were my favorite game packages ever!

  7. Has anyone ordered the electronic version of Retro Gamer magazines, which comes with the first 30 issues on a disc? Does it include pdf files or something less desirable?

  8. I would go for the toblerone box of Day of the Tentacle myself, but to each his own I guess. Oh, and the Retro Gamer DVD is brilliant and comes with pdfs. There's a review of the thing that appeared on this very blog too. Have a look around.

  9. You read Coding Horror? I'm surprised - I always thought only programmers like me read Jeff's blog :)

  10. The Ben There Dan That game is impressive.

  11. What an extensive and yet interesting collection of links, dear gnome. I'm browsing through a handful of them right now and so far I'm loving the reading.

  12. Well, roys my friend, I might not be a programmer but I can definitely recognize good writing when I see it, and, well, Coding Horror is quite brilliant.

    Quite a bit oh Caleb!

    Glad you enjoyed them dear Nebachadnezzar... We aim to please. :)

  13. Thanks for the link to the SJY Gnome!

  14. Thanks for the SJY Father!