May 19, 2008

The Zenobi Software Loading Screens

bulbo zenobi speccy loading screenblack tower zenobi zx spectrum loading screenZenobi Software, besides coming up with hundreds of excellent text-adventures, did also manage to provide ZX Spectrum gamers with some equally beautiful and brilliantly evocative loading screens. Just like the couple posted above really, and if you care for more (you should) do follow this artsy flickr link. You'll find quite a few slightly magnified Zenobi loading screens and I can guarantee there will soon be more. Well, after I get back from the island of Lesvos that is (hopefully some time next week).

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  1. God Gnome! You deserve a knighthood or at least an FK seal of approval for regailing us with this other appreciation of Retro goodness...

    Shall we put the kettle on or crack open a bottle of bubbly?

  2. How about some wine...

  3. You suck!! I'm doing yard work while your in Lesvos...

    Gnomes get all the good adventures...

    I did burn an acre in a half of my land today... I was actually worried a couple times..

  4. (serves wine and some ouzo -for those that can tolerate it- all around)

    (bubbly stuff would be quite nice too, mind)

    And when will I get the knighthood with the FK seal of approval? I kinda like the idea. Oh, and Lesvos was fine alright, though I can't understand why a Deitrix would ever want to burn its land...

  5. It must be the devil in me ;)

  6. Care for an exorcism perhaps?

  7. Only by a sexy Gnome... :)
    Are female Gnomes hairy...?

  8. Why thank you so very much dear Tony. The Balrog is always a pleasure to listen to.