Oct 1, 2007

Adventure Lantern adventure gaming again

I told you so, didn't I? Adventure Lantern, the only video gaming magazine focused on adventures is back complete with its spanking new layout and rather more traditional reviews, news, previews, articles and walkthroughs. Download it from the AL website (or go for the direct link here) and don't forget to read -among other quality stuff- the excellent Socko! Entertainment interview, the Gabriel Knight retro guide and those lovely Undercover: Operation Wintersun and Myst reviews. Great job Wendy!

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  1. Is this magazine only available in digital form? I'd assume so, but you never know...

    Hopefully it'll be a good read, as most game-based magazines have gone way downhill the past few years.

  2. ...there isn't one article on spanking in the entire issue... i just thought i'd point that out... (

    (re-reads Gnomes post...)

    I coulda sworn you said it was a spanking issue...

    erm.. excuse.. me... (red faced elderly leaves...)

  3. I love your site and have added to my friends links (in the link exchange you offered). I'd be very happy for you to add my site to your own - if nothing else, I think it's fair say my content is fairly unique in humour ;)


  4. Unfortunately ross it still is PDF only, though one can never know. Then again, it's free and -provided you're interested in adventures- it's a rather great magazine.

    Spanking! Damn it simply slipped my mind... Sorry Elderly dear. I'll see to fixing the problem next issue... BTW, are you ill or something?

    Thanks Sigmar (m' Lord). Just added you. Waaagh! ;)

  5. no just shamefaced.. happens now an again.. though rarely on blogspot.... though there was the time when we murdered the nurse....



    shit... quick some tip-ex

  6. Too late. They are here. Here, you hold that Uzi while I search for the bazzoka... We'll go down like heroes...

  7. *FK wakes from alcohol ind uced slumber...*

    Spanking!? Feck! What have I missed? Elderly! Apparently Gnome's got spanking...

    Seamus? What?

    *slips back into coma...*

  8. I got spanking? Oh dear. Better see a doctor then...

  9. (readies UZi, takes aim at Gnomes front door....) Gnome hurry up with the bazooka they could be here any minute.. oh god! oh god!.. this is the end isn't it... I knew that ..erm.. incident would come back to haunt us.....

  10. Don't worry. We can take them. You cover the door, I'll have a shower and join you in no time. Venceremos!