Aug 16, 2007

Erratic posting, erratic gaming

In case you haven't noticed, Gnome's Lair hasn't been updated that regularly lately. The situation will soon change (after the invading tentacled aliens have been crushed), but I definitely wouldn't be too eager. I'd probably say ..uh.. 10 days should be enough.

Till then,

take care (and do drop in for the odd post)



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  2. (opens heart)

    (spam enters)

    I'd unite mankind, joshua, but I'm so busy reading lovely tons of hilarious spam I might give it a miss...


  3. tentacles? What are you playing exactly?

    You'd think 'tentacles' might narrow the list . . . .

  4. Shockingly enough I'm currently not playing anything at all dear guttertalk... :(

  5. Back slime!...

    Hi Gnome


    i see you've been infested.. I hope this teaches you


    not to go space adventuring again...

    take that you galactic interloper.....


  6. You brought those aliens back from your holiday trip a few days (weeks?) ago didn't you?

  7. Elderly! My hero! Here, better use this enchanted "stick of hitting +2". Ah, what a hero, huh?

    Well, roys, I 'm not sure but the bloody bastards probably followed me. Don't worry. Mr. E will crush 'em...

  8. back you datardly varmints...

    (uses hitting stick +2...)

    WoW.. the hitting stick +2 carries quite a punch... erm.. whack..

    (works on sentence... stick carries quite a .... zing!, no erm.. quite a wallop!... no.. quite a ... whooosh!!!... sigh!!!)

  9. And besides the stick's whacking power per se you seem like a most proficient user of blunt whacking weapons oh Elderly. Amazing.

  10. (consider...) well yes.. i suppose i am.. never thought about it till now.... like my shortsword though and an occasional battle axe.... anyway thank you... (elderly chest swells with pride.. explodes....)

    ...oh sheet...!

  11. Strange. Pride shows definite Alien-esque trais... tsk.

  12. Alien testacles? What are you on about?

  13. (elderly stares at the large cavity in his chest....).... now what? wheres the script...?

  14. No, no, not testicles. More like tentacles dear FK.

    Oh, and Mr. Elderly, unfortunately there aint no script. It's all impromptu.