Jun 15, 2007

The Power-Up ludology, art & gaming PDFs

You do remember Mike Bithell, don't you? Well, if not, you really should, you ungrateful bastards, you (and Mr.Elderly, please, do stop the stalking)! The man, a most talented young game designer and visual artist with an impeccable taste, has already given you the brilliant Visiting Day PSP freebie and the beautiful and quite freeware web-based Reunion game. Now, he's offering some insight into how he came up with and designed said video games, along with some fine artwork and a brilliant example of an aspiring professional's portfolio.

Where? Over at the Power Up blog and in pure PDF format. To be more precise the portfolio PDF is available here, whereas both the Reunion artbook and the concept document are available here.

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  1. Grabbing the artbook now ... Thanks! So many good posts today :)

  2. Must have been the weather. Oh, and a deadline swooshing by :)

  3. (enters gagged and bound in a straight jacket. a note falls to the floor.. it reads:)

    ...Mike Bithell is the messiah...

  4. Great freeware... If only my sullen PSP owning son appreciated stuff like this...

  5. (sedates Elderly)

    (gives it another shot)

    (turns on tv)

    Look there's Angelina pr0n on!

    Oh, and Father, you know kids... He'll definitely grow up to appreciate stuff...

  6. ...laaaaaaaaa! laaaaaaaa!


  7. Hmmm... an overdose perhaps?

    (feeds E an e)

  8. laaaaa :) laaaaa :)
    ...Gnome i love your curtains....

  9. And so do they old friend, so do they...