Feb 17, 2007

2200 Roleplaying tips

Jeff Ayers, a wise RPGer who sporadically happens to comment here, has provided me (and consequently you too, dear readers) with the brilliant online resource for RPG players: the Roleplaying Tips website. Roleplaying Tips, you see, besides offering a weekly GM tips newsletter, gives you access to over 340 online issues worth of roleplaying content, that cover such diverse subjects as Maintaining your GM, Mission-style Roleplaying, 6 Bard tips or The Time Bomb Solution. Go on then, have a look.

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  1. Eeep! I really wasn't looking for a nod on that info. Felt that a good gnome should have access to that treasure. Made my son go wild when he saw my name on your blog.

  2. Weeell, nods do work in mysterious ways you know... Oh, and I do hope your son went wild in the nicest possible way (uhm, othrwise I'm truly sorry). Thanks again.


  3. Well, got me beat.
    As said by Mr. Elderly, Awesome.

  4. Glad you enjoyed it Sir Nikola...