Jan 22, 2007

Museum Monday #43

Monday. Ahh... What if Mondays were all fine? What if museums were broadcasted and everyone enjoyed proper SEGA tunes? What if people stoped having to work? What if Mondays just weren't so impressively annoying? Well, it would be a better world, I'll tell you that. A world filled with nymphs, leprechauns, Saturnians and ...uhm... tequila rivers.

Then again Museum Monday's as good as it gets, really. Especially when it's all about game music and net-based broadcasting. So, better check out RadioSega for your retro-flavored Sonic and Afterburner tunes and then have a look at the utterly amazing Game Music Box, that features 80 soundtracks from brilliant games such as Fallout, System Shock, Full Throtle, Warcraft 2 and Quake.

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  1. Lovely post Mr. Gnome!

    My favourite has to be Sega Rally...
    "Game Over YEEAAAHHH!"

    Game music is now a legitimate artform and The Royal Ballet Orchestra (I think) recently performed a wide variety of game tunes to an audience of THOUSANDS... No shit! (I'll leave it to you to find the link...)

    And it sounded like a right old do too! I'd go...

    Got me thinking that without a doubt the music for Shenmue has to be by far the best game music ever... That or Sonic...

  2. The Royal Ballet Orchestra? Wow... that sounds official, terminal even. And I'll have to add I havent yet heard Senmue's music... Tsk, tsk...

    Thank you for loving the post lovely Father Krishna :)

  3. When i get older I want to be a Gnome 2.

  4. Seamus the Leprechaun1/24/07, 4:49 AM

    Thanks Gnome, that link made my day here i've snuck in some poteen.......

  5. When I grow up I'd like to be Seamus 4... Definitely though Elderly3 before that....

  6. Seamus the Leprechaun1/25/07, 3:40 AM

    ..nah your being nice.... seriously though you'd convert to the leprechaun clan.... bloody stupendous that id being, we haven't had a conversion... since ...well along time.....

  7. Isn't it a racial issue though? I mean... uhm.. we got different DNAs or something...

  8. ...nah we never test for DNA, those ears would have to be trimmed of course, other than that you'd fit right in.

    ....though the green tights put alot of converts off....

  9. Will the trimming thing hurt? Be honest please... And put the cleaver down...

    Jeezus. You scared me.

  10. Seamus the Leprechaun1/28/07, 4:43 AM

    (hides cleaver behind back...) Pain? gosh no, not at all, any pain you might experience in the de-earring would be transitory..... small price to pay for joining such an illustrious species

    (grins at gnome... eyes rolling...)

  11. Right. Wait a minute though. I guess I'll have to think the species thing over. Might prefer being an antilope...

  12. Seamus the Leprechaun1/29/07, 3:42 AM

    an antilope? nah... cheetahs ill get ya... no this way is best.... beleive me... i speak with experience here..

    (Seamus' upper lip starts twitching.....)

  13. Ok, ok , relax.... Let's talk it over now, shall we? Tea?

  14. Seamus the Leprechaun2/4/07, 12:39 AM

    well okay one cup won't do any harm.... two sugars please

  15. plop


    That's that...