Jan 8, 2007

Museum Monday #41

Monday. The trend goes apparently on. 2007 did nothing to stop it. Rumours though do speak of unspeakable new Monday-spawned terrors, which is quite weird as them terrors are supposedly unspeakable. Anyway. Nothing remotely decent is to be expected.

On to the Museum Monday post then... Let me see now. What would I recommend? Ah, yes... The Mean Machines Archive. A retro gamer's paradise filled with every single page of the excellent but short-lived Mean Machines magazine, featuring tons of Sega Megadrive, Gameboy, NES, PC Engine, Amstrad GX4000 (!), Game Gear, SNES and Master System content, but more importantly the infamous Yob. Brilliant!

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  1. Brilliant indeed. Nice find, Gnome.

  2. Glad you liked it ross... Now, go blog mate!

  3. thank you oh purveyor of excellence, Museum Monday is one of the few times i get a chance to go out and visit things......

  4. Unless of course it's a bar...

  5. Excellent find and a great read!

    Anything with mullets, megadrives and Betty Boo is alright by me...

    LOL! :)

    P.S. Something weird is going on with Blogger... It keeps asking for the same word verification on everyone's site! ("smenita" BTW...)

  6. ...well ..okay apart from the bar.. .

    museum monday is one of the few times i get a chance to go out..

  7. Yep, something was indeed wrong with Blogger, but I think they fixed it now.... Oh, and FK dear, you'll get used to it, y'know. Blogger isn't as stable as say ...uhm... something particularly stable? Oh, and glad you enjoyed the museum...

    Elderly, you're definitely forgeting the amusement parks....

  8. ? .........

    well alright...... okay

    apart from the amusement parks, and the bar, museum monday is the only chance i get to get out and about.........

  9. That's settled then. Nice.