Jan 7, 2007

Getting ancient...

Well, it's been one whole year since I first posted this and promptly tried to explain it by posting this. 383 posts later and the humble Lair of the Gnome is maturing into a hideous -but humble- little gaming beastie. Thank you all dear friends... Thank you.

Oh, and by the way, is there anything you'd like to see improved/changed/done away with? Feel free to express yourselves (just remain dressed though).



  1. Oh Justified and Ancient Gnome!

    Many congratulations on your anniversary! The Lair is a most excellent and hallowed of places!

    It would not be an exaggeration to say that my discovery of the Lair has changed my life!

    Carry on blogging away and heres to the future!!!

    *FK Pops cork on bottle of '86 Dom Perrignon and fill's Gnome's glass! "Cheers!"*

  2. Hold on sec... gotta put these clothes back on...

    *weird noises can be heard*

    Alright, back! I've enjoyed the Lair for awhile now, and you were, in fact, the second person to ever comment on my blog (Wedge was first, then came Ender I believe and others). Happy Anniversary, and may we continue our blogs for months to come. The new logo looks super spiffy too (even though you've had it for a bit, I just wanna meantion it now).

    Have a good one!

  3. Congratulations Gnome!! Here's to anoth-...

    ...Wait Fath-

    *looks in shock!*

    Hey now, put that away!!

  4. Ah, thank you all very much! You've made me blush... hungry too, actually, but this seems like a random hunger-attack!

    Love the Dom Perignon Father! Thanks! Here, try some Veuve Clicquot now! Cheers!

  5. (appraises the empy bottles of Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot.....)

    Congratulations on the year Gnome, you've brought us endless pleasure and the most rareified gems, without your inspirational support... I wouldn't have kept blogging....

    (bows to the master.... produces bottle of Cristal)

    not too late to celebrate I hope

  6. (gnome bows back commencing the ancient ritual of the bowing dance)

    Thank you so much dear Elderly... Uhm... can't really think of anything to type... Can I have something to drink? Nice.


    Thanks again...

  7. (elderly returns bow, cracks open cristal.... bows... pours, pours
    glass for Gnome.... bows)


  8. (bows bows, bows, jumps, drinks, bows, wonders...)


  9. cheers! slainte? Jámas! Salute! Kippis!