Jan 27, 2007

8-bit Edutainment

Pictured above (thank you, myatari.com) is AtariLab and it's as obscure a retro thingy as it gets. Before I send you off to read all about it in an Atari praising magazine piece of yore though, I'll give you some hints of what you should expect. Here goes: edutainment, physics, 8-bit, modules, biofeedback and science classes. Got it? Great! Now read the article.

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  1. (carrying cage of guinea pigs....)

    this is going to be great.....

  2. ..legal... well.. (looks at guinea pigs....) legal enough... what dont' tell me the blogger police were here!

  3. Don't be a silly elderly mr. Elderly. Of course they weren't. Well, not for long anyway. Still, they said everything was as legal as can be..

  4. well the guinea pigs are up for it..... least at the moment.... okay where do I plug them in? erm i mean should we start the edutainment now?

  5. Yes, yes, right away... Just let me plug the thing...

  6. (pets the cutest looking guinea pig.......)

    think i should give em names......?

  7. Yeah, taunt them too, I'm sure that's all they need. Please Mr. Elderly let's be humane....



  8. (tickles Willomena behind the ears...) there there! don't you listen to the nasty wasty gnome,

    ..okay so we'll start with Freddie Kruger here...

    (picks up black guinea pig...)

  9. Ahhhh~!

    Cant watch, sorry.

    (Ignores 8-bit torturing device and soon to be dismembered mice and starts watching Kinky Nymphos 12)

  10. (distracted elderly puts Freddie back in cage and sits down with Gnome and Willomena to watch tv......)

  11. Don't we all love a good ol' fashioned happy end?

    Ahhh, lovely!

    (Willomena mutates to a Rat-Ogre horribly dismembering everyone present)


  12. .....ahh right give me a second to digest this.. So your telling me that cutesy lovable Willomena has just mutated into a rat-ogre and has just dismembered me!

    ..right i'll need to get in character.....

    dismembered or disembowled? what size is she now?

  13. Very, very big. Very, very dangerous. Huge talons. Red eyes. Oh, dismemberment it is...