Dec 5, 2006

WarioWare for PC. Almost.

You'd better check this link out. It's filled with simple, fun and at times satirical mini-games that won't last you more than 10 seconds each. Brilliant, really.

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  1. Lol...I just spent thirty minutes, umpteen mouse-clicks, and who knows how many brain cells at that site...

    And I loved it. Great link :)

  2. Thanks for the review! "RC"...glad to hear that you liked the site! New games and features will be added soon.


  3. excellent, FEAR will just have to wait......

  4. Rc, thanks for your kindest of kind words, that were really kind :) I'm sure dear Mike appreciated them too.

    Thosestupidgames is indeed a mighty fine gaming thingy!

    Mr. Elderly, you're clearly overreacting. :)

  5. ...erm no..... im just not quick enough, i tried over acting once, got myself kicked out of the Panto.... mind you i was only 7 at the time.....

  6. Still you were indeed brave.... And so young. Bravely go Sir Elderly, set forth from Camelot.

    He was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways, oh Brave Sir Ederly. He was not afraid to be mashed into a pulp. Have his elbows broken and his nostrils raped.

    Brave,brave,brave, brave Sir Elderly.

  7. (looks around him....)

    wot me? i was seven, i pulled worms apart and spat at girls, i wore short trousers..... beleive me brave wasn't even a consideration....

    (elderly would like to explain he no longer spits at females and has embarked on a treatment programme for worm molesters.....)

    nose raping.......? (shivers....)

  8. Yes, that's he idea. To induce shivver-inducing horror...


    Glad you've adjusted to not spitting at the ladies. A wise (and definitely brave) move.

    Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Elderly...

  9. shucks now look what you've done

    (flames flicker against the old man's red face........)

  10. (gnome extinguishes said flames)

    (passes the tea)

    (brings on the Inquisition)

  11. wow an inqui..inkwee .....inwiiquisti..

    wow interrogation.. ace!

  12. Better than Kiwi, I suppose....