Oct 10, 2006

A really outrageous PS3 gmail auction

Ok, if you were fast enough in reaching this humble lair of the humblest of gnomes, just click here. You'll see a smart guy selling a gmail address on eBay. For 265$. And people are buying! Really, who wouldn't want a Playstation3.sonys@gmail.com email? Sony PlayStation 3, also lovingly known as the PS3, is after all such a nice console (people tell me).

For the slower types.... uhmmm.... see the pretty pictures? Good.

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  1. they been doing this seen last year

  2. Amazing... just amazing...

  3. There are smart people and then there are stupid people.... Can you tell which is which here..?

    (DEITRIX rolls eyes)

  4. ......damn just missed it, oh well!! you snooze you lose....(goes back to sleep)

  5. To be honest Deitrix, I don't only feel stupid. I do feel like a cretin...

    Hey, Elderly my friend... Don't worry... I can get you one. For real cheap...

  6. I just heard that the PS3's for launch are already sold out...
    People where lined up for miles and nights before, so the pictures looked! - got that from gamespot I believe....

  7. a real ps3 email address....... ah!! you ain't got a nifty wii one by any chance? i'll swap you my cuban cigar butt smoked by castro himself here... look

    (produces mouldy cigar butt wraped in tissue.......)


    Okay then what about an apple core eaten by Mao tst Tsung himself... authentic... it even has a "consumed in China" sticker on it......


    how the hell have the managed to sell all the production stock.... at that rate it'll be summer before Europe gets a look in...

    word verification famny..... close!

  8. So it seems Deitrix, so it seems... People are known to be strange though... The doors said so...

    I'll take the apple, thank you. Got a tooth of the Chairman on it... Ah yes, pure anti-imperialist stuff...

    How does wii.nintendos@gmail.com sound??

  9. It's not even the right way round. If it was sony.playstion3@... fair enough. But it's playstation3.sonys@...

    And what's the extra 's' about?

    I despair. I really do.

  10. You shouldn't, you really shouldn't. You should be thinking of PS3 and Wii addresses ending withe yahoo.com, gmail.com or hotmail.com. That's where the money is...

  11. just wondering if anyone bought revolution@yahoo.com.... hee hee

  12. i did... when did i do that.... bloody tablets.. can't tell whether i'm coming or going..... ??


  13. Another fine buy my enterpreneuring friend

  14. angelinajolie@yahoo.com

    hell i could go on for ever, that gives me an idea..... (scribbles down idea.....)

  15. This idea being something else than selling the email??

  16. ...yes, giving them away as part of a promotion... we've never tried promotions on our blogs.... how bout

    Free Unique email address, for the 20th visitor.... your friends will go green.....

    dosen't have the right ring to it....

  17. Wouldn't like to dissapoint you, but giving 'em away definitely doesn't ring right... These things only acquire (percieved) value when sold...

    Still...your ad campaign slogans sound fine.

  18. Ha, ha, ha, why would you pay for an e-mail address?

    I will create one that says ilovewii@gmail.com and sell it on ebay.

  19. ?..... but wheres the fun in selling them... imagine the publicity
    sick old bloke and bearded gnome give away much prized email addresses.. for denada.....

    think of the fame the accolades, the blond haired norwegian woman with helga@play.com

    do you think we could get $200 a piece on ebay?

  20. What, for selling helgas? Guess they could fetch more $, but it's illegal these days...

  21. ...darn..the good ol days huh! pshhh!

    anyway i'm fresh out of helgas.....

    η ζωή είναι σκληρή

  22. We could beat life up. It would turn out softer, I am sure...

  23. ...where do we start..... i'll sort out Afghanistan... you might think of Baghdad

  24. Ok!

    Now. Let's keep it quiet in here...