Sep 2, 2006

Ninja Loves Pirate. Oh, yes.

Ever wondered what a ninja would tell you if you asked him about pirates? Ever actually tried asking a ninja? Ever stopped and wondered why Ron Gilbert the quite Magnificent (and the sometimes the grumpily Blogging) chose pirates for his magnum opus (that's Monkey Island in case you were starring blankly at the screen and asking yourself weird questions)? Ever actually clicked on those wonderful links I bother to offer you? Ever seen a real zombie? A robot, perhaps?

No, huh? I knew it. I felt it in the earth, I felt it in the air. Still, I'll tell you why people go for ninjas and pirates. I always do tell you after all. You see, ninjas are lethal and darkly clad, while pirates are ruthless and all colourful. Both have stared in b-movies. Popular culture doesn't need much more in order to elevate something to symbolic status. Thus, Ninjas and Pirates are pop and cool. They can apparently even get along fine.

That's why the seemingly brilliant, forthcoming, 100% indy and very European game Ninja Loves Pirate is bound to be a success. It features a lovable Pirate and a loving Ninja against the undead and mechanical hordes.

See what the ultra talented people of Muskedunder (those responsible for the game) have to say:

"Ninja Loves Pirate is the ultimate nostalgic sidescrolling platform arcade adventure. Play as ninja or pirate, or both! Fight against zombies, robots and big bad ass bosses through a visually striking game. With loveable characters, humoristic story, majestic music and perfect pixels this game is the ultimate retro trip. Capturing the feeling of old school arcade games and taking it to your PC Ninja Loves Pirate delivers what many retro lovers ache for. Pixel perfection and pure nostalgia."

Now, see what gnomes have to say:

"Other than that, Ninja Loves Pirate is a game that won the prestigious Four Elements Competition, and also a brilliant pixel-arty platformer-beat 'em up combo, with two payable characters (apparently a ninja and a pirate), fluid animation, quirky jumps, intuitive controls, cute puzzles, easy but interesting special moves and an amazing soundtrack."

More importantly there's also an official website. Featuring a demo, 15 tons of information, concept art, wallpapers and more. Oh, and an interview with the NLP team will soon grace the humble halls of the Lair of the Gnome.

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  1. (staggering back with 15 tons of information....wobbles...) grrhggg hhh! thanks Gnome.....

  2. They have quite a website... Great graphics.. I like the look you've created with your blog here Gnome. Look's good! :)

    My blog email is screwed up still, so comments from me will be on the blog until godaddy fixes the issue. :) hopefully soon. :)

  3. I dont know guys.... Im not to sure on the idea of Ninjas and Pirates being lovable characters..? On the other hand if it were little gnomes running around, that would be different...
    It does look like a game full of humor on the other hand!

  4. On the other hand tho!... aaahh never mind I dont have another hand.

  5. Mr. Elderly dont. Please dont. Think of your back... Oh, and welcome... Put it over there. Yes. That'll be fine. Thanks.

    Tom, glad you like the new look... Curse the e-mail thingy, and I'm sure it 'll soon be all right.

    Deitrix. What happened to you during summer? What? Where's your hand mate? Why would you have Ninjas murder gnomes? Why, oh why...

  6. (gives deitrix a hand) eek!! little gnomes....... perish the thought... (starts sifting through the 15 tons)

  7. Ok. I'll try the other approach.

    Elderly! Put the rock down.

    (said gnome while juggling a huge beretta and a jacknife)

  8. Actually I ment that Gnomes would be more lovable characters.... ;)

  9. Very well. I'll believe this. For now.

    (Gnome's Lair defenses lowered at pink level ; which is only lower than red and slightly higher than yellow..)


  10. drops rock.........

    on foot......



  11. Should I call HER Mr. Elderly?

  12. Well... yes. It's just a bit lower than red, so I thought...

  13. nope fine now...... (remoulds toes....) thanks though.. (walks outside, screams in pain.....returns)


  14. Oh yes, thank you...

    Sure I shouldn't summon any help?

  15. nope your most kind, but i'm gone kinda numb.... should be fine.... thanks pal