Sep 12, 2006

Another free mag: Fictional Reality

Yes, more free stuff! For free! Again! What a shock! And this time it's a magazine on wargames, miniatures and RPGs. A 66 pages long PDF magazine to be precise, that likes to call itself Fictional Reality. This issue, the 25th, features two impressive battle reports (Horde and Babylon 5), tons of miniature and game reviews, terrain building advice, a nice Sidewinder: Recoiled RPG scenario and quite a bit of general eye-candy.

Oh, and you can apparently download it right here.

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  1. the latest issue i could manage to find was issue 17, but not to worry i now know how to build my own castle........ 6 years they've been going a long time.....

  2. And still haven't managed to work on a better layout... Well, anyway. It is a nice read...

    Oh, and owning a castle (even a model one) is quite the status symbol....

  3. and given our property prices probably worth 20% more by the end of the financial year......

    (puffs up his chest)

    I'm going to build a castle....

  4. A noble plan indeed, oh Sir Elderly the Builder. Using plasticard, cardboard, concrete or steel?

  5. ah... steel now that would be good but which would be more cost effective let me see....... papier mache.... !

  6. As long as it doesn't get wet, I believe you're onto something...

  7. darn, never thought of that, wouldn't last long here.... unless i invaded a castle that's already been built...

    (grabs castle invading equipment, proceeds to head out the door) I'll give you a shout after I get the broadband installed......

    you know Gnome, your a catalyst for change, thaks pal


  8. Welcome. Be careful please. Don't invade anything taller than you. Wear a sweater.

  9. ........nothing taller?....
    (grabs gnome's ladder..... throws on a green jumper for camouflage....)

    right i'm pretty well sorted now, nothing else i cank think of... thanks mr.gnome..

    see you soon....