Jul 24, 2006

Artsy Gaming Mags: The Return

10 megas, 21 brilliant looking pages, a World of Warcraft feature and a look back at Nintendo's Starfox. Seems like the second issue of the free Art of Gaming PDF webzine is back. Get it here and be a happy punter! It won't cost you a thing (beside your soul that is, but who needs one after all? Ask Faust).

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  1. that now brings to 5 the total number of wonderous, splendiferous, massive and brilliant magazines you've told me about........

    and fotally tree..... Robert Maxwell would turn over in his grave if he knew.....

  2. Hehe :)

    That was the whole point...

    (quite a list of adjectives. Wish I were that eloquent...)

  3. and to think i use to purchase a game mag every month.... oh the shame of it... now i can plough the money into my tequila stock....

  4. They could start giving us cover disks for free too, but I guess that's the role of freeware games...

  5. from recent experience theres a bit torrent file for everyone in the audience

  6. Indeed. hust never forget to seed... let's be democratic about this.

  7. indeed to reap we must sow..... gettit sow... like seeds sow seeds.... no?

  8. well...err.. no. You see, a seeder is the contrary of a leecher, a leecher being a bittorrent downloader. See?

    Si, si, senor.

  9. I think i understand, like real leechs feed on blood and stuff. so bittorrents are like massive downloadable blood clots, and people suck the bittorrent and other leeches feast of the bit they've ..

    no im lost, what happened to the seeds?

  10. The ninja-geek got 'em... He's all like web 57.0 and stuff...

  11. ninja geek stuff, who'd a figured.... seed devouring maniac...... but seeds are important, is there anything we can do to thwart the ninja 57.0 web ninja geek? maybe we could email him and ask him to stop....

  12. Right. Nice and appropriate. Hope he is a chap too...


  13. dear geek person

    leave our seeds alone

    yours sincerly
    Gnome and elderly


  14. Ok..done.

    Faxed it, emailed it, tubed it, mailed it and even went as far as using a ninja pigeon...

    Pretty sure he did get the message.

    Sleep safe mr. Elderly

  15. zzzzzzzz thks gnum reu pal zzzzz!