Jul 7, 2006

Adventure Lantern ver. July

Slightly delayed but better than ever, the July issue of Adventure Lantern is all washed, willing and ready for your reading pleasure. Download it at the magazine's official site and learn all about the latest news of the adventure scene, read hot reviews of Al Emmo and Secrets of Da Vinci, marvel at AL's kinky interviews and drool over its extreme previews. Then feel free to get impressed by my puritan articles, namely the reviews of The Lurking Horror and Thy Dungeonman 3 (oh, yes, and a short walkthrough).

Here's the nice link again...

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  1. 110 pages!!!!! there goes tv night....thank you mr.gnome and mr.ugur......

  2. I welcome you on behalf of both of us and the rest of the adventure gamers of the world. I do. Quite.

    Did you really like it? Any suggestions?

  3. no....it's perfect....

    however you could ring my boss and ask him to get me some time off......you've left me with so many games to play, magazines to read, consoles to buy, role playing experiences to try.....that im going to be catching up for the rest of my life........

    well maybe a picture of wendy would be nice.......

  4. Who's Wendy?

    Oh, and you don't need a job... we could attempt to become the ultimate blog-success paradigm, bathing in money (and tequilla hot tubs)

  5. we could try the blogging success bit.......but nah.....relative obscurity carries greater freedom

    Wendy as in Wendy Nellius, co reviewer on the adventure lantern......how quickly they forget

    Tequila hot tubs!!!! what a concept... reaches places in my sensory pathway that have never been traversed

  6. A, yes, of course (bangs head on brand new keyboard)... Ms. Nellius. I don't think she's got pictures or anything similar...

    Let me sleep on the success and tequilla hot tub matters.. Can't think of anything smart right now 9quite the habbit).

  7. (cleans skin and hair from Gnomes keyboards, ponders on whether he should call a night nurse)

  8. Call one... No, wait. I'll need two...

  9. in a single bed?....where they gonna fit.....(picks up phone) sorry i wasnt' thinking.........

  10. :)


    (surrenders... cant think of anything to add)