Jun 7, 2006

Jeff Smith's peek...

Jeff Smith, the creator of the Bone graphic novel, and Telltale's partner in reviving (well, at least in trying to revive) the adventure genre, has a personal site. For quite some time actually, but now it's all new and updated. It also has a few pictures of the Telltale HQ (direct link). Quite Lucasarts-y methinks.

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  1. Gnome makes up for the blogger outage with an extremely great update. Top-notch work, Gnome!

  2. What exactly is this Bone Graphic Novel supposed to be about?

  3. Glad you liked it Ross, and Deitrix the Bone Grraphic Novel(s) is a series of excellent comic books by J. Smith. More info at booneville.com. I guess you'll find it interesting...