Jun 7, 2006

A feat of determination: Adventure Lantern - June issue

A man's got to do what a man's got to do. Apparently same thing goes for editors, as Adventure Lantern's Ugur managed to publish another issue of the magazine against the will of the gods. Nature and un-nature fought him, rain, famine, huge dogs and even the plague assaulted him, but he did it, and a nice PDF found (right) here is all the proof you'll ever need. A glorious PDF including (among other stuff) reviews of Dreamfall, Paradise, Barrow Hill, previews of Runaway 2, Belief and Betrayal, interviews and a Dizzy article by yours truly; a quite dizzy gnome.

(direct link to download)

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  1. Treatisette: Gnomes don't sleep

    Proof: phd, two papers, two blogs, a national riot, a review in adventure lantern. And now this.....


  2. Amazing that!

    Oh, and you forget the time we spend drinking.

  3. (slaps hand against forehead)