Mar 19, 2006

Fictional Miss

Happy news #1: The March issue of Fictional Reality is already available for download, and it isn't even April yet. Hooray. Hop over to and download a 23mb pdf magazine, that includes 80 pages of RPG, wargame, board game and miniature related reviews, previews, how tos, battle reports and more importantly nice and well thought-of ads. It's free, nice and definitely not so funny.

Happy News#2: The 10th issue of the amazing, ueber, extra and all that jazz webzine Critical Miss is available (right) here. Apparently has been for quite some time... Seems that the Magazine for Dysfunctional Gamers hasn't died yet. Great, and definitely hilarious. An absolute must-read.

Old news: Vintage D&D review, a silly RPG related video and a review of Zombies!!!

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