Oct 16, 2015

The Watchful Indie Watch #16.10

Now, that's more like it game dev dears. A healthy but not overwhelming week of new and intriguing indie things, that's managed to include a healthy mix of genres, styles and ideas.

On the retro-esque side of things, here's a little something I haven't played: That Dam Level. It's obviously TMNT and NES inspired and is cheap enough to be worth the risk.

On the generally sparsely populated adventure-platformer-RPG side of thing on the other hand we have Wanderer. It's seeking funding on Kickstarter and looking stunning.

Tale of Enders by Thunderware is way simpler. It's an ASCII maze exploration game and a refreshingly elegant one at that. Also, cheap.

Also, also, graveyard exploring, tombstone reading sim Boon Hill has been released and it's as fun as it doesn't sound. A very interesting and somber piece of gaming.

The Mooseman has appeared on Steam Greenlight. Looks wonderfully moody and has a shaman as its protagonist. I do love shamans.

Oh, and if you are looking for a seemingly addictive strategic-RPG-of-sorts-thingy, I suppose Templar Battleforce is worth checking out. Feels very Space Hulk-y and very good, though admittedly I've only played for an hour or so.

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