Jun 3, 2012

Fallen Light (Indie Dev Grant)

[Gnome's Lair and the Kyttaro Games blog are presenting the Indie Dev Grant nominees that Bundle In A Box will be funding. Voting for the indie dev that will get the grant will begin on Monday June 4.] 

Andrew Pelzer is working on Fallen Light; an ambitious, multi-platform 2D-sidescroller RPG using the Construct 2 engine that will hopefully break the barriers dividing casual and hardcore players.The focus of the game is on giving tools to the players so that they can form their own enjoyable experience, roam and interact with the world, and actually craft both their experience and even the world itself. Said game world will be built from the ground up offering an incredibly flexible and deep storyline.

Fallen Light is aiming at providing with a strong story, a great game and a rich community, while serving as a learning tool for the developer and a showcase of both Construct 2 and HTML5. The game will most probably be released for free and the grant will provide it with the funds required for assets, domains, security, servers, promotion and extra developers.

Here are some noteworthy features the game will strive for:

- Modified Personality System : Based on how you treat the world around you, the world itself will evaluate your actions and respond.

- Point System : Straying from the stale Strength or Intelligence this system has been expanded. Several places to enter points offering huge character customization and fine-tuning options.

- High Level Characters : Level caps being set too low cause characters to not branch out enough from one another. Content will spread out throughout the game discouraging the formation of end-game necessity.

- Classes with Depth : Instead of declaring yourself a Warrior, Rogue or Mage, new systems are being focused on, that will let you choose a more flexible layout for your character.

- Freedom with Consequence : Being latched down and forced to move as the game wants you to is just you watching your character play. Break from that. With no defined path you are your own legend. Make yourself worth being told. However, make sure you plan ahead because the game will fight back.

Visit the Fallen Light facebook page at http://facebook.com/fallenlight.

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