Aug 3, 2011

August's Lovely Adventure Lantern

It's August 2011 and something most unsurprising happened today dear reader: a new, lovely as always Adventure Lantern issue got itself released. You should either download it from the Adventure Lantern site or via this very handy direct link. You should then proceed and read those enlightening reviews the team put together for your (mostly) adventure gaming pleasure and a little something by this humble gnome. Apparently and in the hope of furthering your enjoyment an interview on the first person adventure Prominence has also been included.

Care for a list of the reviewed games then? Well, regardless, here it is:
  • Slip Space – The Burma-Shave Analogy
  • Lost Horizon
  • Knights in Shining Armor – Episode 1
  • Dracula Resurrection
  • Dead Meets Lead


  1. Thanks for direct link, Adventure Lantern site doesn't open correctly on my firefox.

  2. Glad to be of service kind Anonymous.

  3. ... I remember this...!!! :)

    (buries himself in text, bemoans his 256mb of ram, but spots a familiar name...)


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