Jul 27, 2011

Humble Indie Bundle the III (starring VVVVVV)

The Humble Indie Bundle is turning into a pretty lovely habit, that periodically lets gamers and gnomes grab some of the best and most interesting indie games around, play them on their Windows, Mac and/or Linux machines without the hassle of DRM and feel good about themselves for the most reasonable price possible: that of their choosing. It is, in other words, a pay-what-you-want affair that let's you grab some shiny, DRM-free games and enjoy them on the platform of your choice, while simultaneously deciding how much of your money will go to charity and how much to the developers themselves.

Humble Indie Bundle 3 in particular will get you Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVV, Hammerfight and And Yet It Moves. A lovely selection of games you will surely agree and a pretty balanced one at that too. Platform! Action! Puzzling! Physics! Retro graphics! Innovation! Weird humour! Ah, yes, the pillars of the indie scene. And they've got a trailer to show them off too:

Now, and in case you haven't noticed it yet, you will also be getting VVVVVV. Yes, VVVVVV. The best platfomer since Manic Miner and the same game I had to openly adore in my review. What's more, this is the spankin' new version 2.0 of VVVVVV, that comes complete with some lovely new levels and -above all- a fantastic and equally new level editor. Oh, and Terry Cavanagh actually rewrote the whole game in C++ meaning that it now runs faster and impressively on Linux too. Guess you should read more about VVVVVV v.2.0. over at distractionware.

Oh, and you can grab the Humble Indie Bundle here. Almost forgot that link.

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  3. Already purchased, though I had three of the games. I don't think Terry submitted the VVVVVV update to Steam yet, so I haven't yet tried the new levels. Also it was actually Simon Roth who ported it, not Terry himself. Anyway. Cheers!

  4. @ Elderly: Not the C64 book... Not that... Oh, and drop me a line and I'll explain the complete workings of the Greybox my friend.

    @ Ithmeer: Good news! VVVVVV also got its Steam update - and, yes, you are apparently correct. Cheers again!

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