Jul 4, 2011

Eye^Game^Candy: B.A.T.

B.A.T. was released for much more powerful platforms than the humble CPC back in 1989, but it was this brilliant 8-bit version of the game that wowed me enough to eventually grab its DOS-VGA counterpart along with my first 286 PC a few years later. B.A.T., you see, was a dark sci-fi thriller sporting mature themes, excellent graphics that wouldn't feel out of place in a graphic novel, a fully programmable in-game digital assistant thingy, action scenes, tons of French quirkiness and one of the earliest point-and-click adventure interfaces ever. Mind you, the chunky 16-color Amstrad graphics still look lovely.


  1. How come I've never heard of this? It looks really interesting!

  2. Oh, but you'll love it dear Jonas. 't was such a unique offering.