Jun 17, 2011

Splik and Blitz are Baked in Blood

The 18th of June 2011 (that's tomorrow apparently) will hopefully see the release of the truly promising arcade-action-platformer-adventure that its creators, Deadly Pixel Games, have chosen to call Splik and Blitz: Baked in Blood. It’s apparently a lovably indie game that, besides already covering a multitude of genres and sub-genres, can also be characterized as an online, 3D, side-scrolling, co-op brawl-fest. Impressive eh? Well, it definitely sounds so, and I haven't even mentioned the fact it features co-op puzzles. And it really looks and sounds rather nice too.

Like the screenshot posted above? Noticed the cooking weapons? Well, you'll probably love the gameplay trailer that follows this very paragraph then. Oh, and before you click yourself over to the game's official site know this dear reader: over 16 people have toiled hard for Splik and Blitz. Let's just hope it turns out as good as they hoped.

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  1. Reminds me of castle crashers?!

  2. Actually it definitely does. You're indeed correct dear Blake!