Mar 14, 2011

Versus: Games for the Ages

I know you know dear reader, but I simply had to blog this. I do love pretty screenshots, outrageous indie game mechanics and TIG Source competitions you see. Versus, the latest competition of the sort, the one cunningly subtitled Games for the Ages, is all about crafting games that pit at least one human player versus another human player. What's more all the entries have been uploaded to the compo site and are freely available for you to download, enjoy and -should you feel so inclined- rate.

There are 81 wildly innovative (and plain wild) games available to try, including the incredible AGI Combat for the trigger happy adventure gamer, the rather unsettling A Cure for Friendship, the deeply spiritual Jesus vs. Dinosaurs and even the particularly silly Macig - The Gambling. Expect surreal genre mixes, visuals any indie gamer would love and some truly frightening sounds; all in glorious multiplayer! Here are a few screenshots to spice things up: 

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  1. Exuberant Struggle
    Super Cake Fight
    A Cure for Friendship

    are my personal top three. none of the other games I played with my friend made much of an impact on us. We played exuberant struggle all night though, that game is fantastic.

  2. I'll check 'em out then. All of them, though especially Exuberant Struggle. Oh, and that's a pretty brilliant blog you got there.