Dec 16, 2010

News from the indie adventures front

Old gnomes don't do that well in huge protests, but despite feeling sore all over the place, I was happy to have been part of the couple hundred thousand people that marched in Athens yesterday and am now in a comfy chair sharing the latest and most interesting indie adventure gaming news, while also working on the Wikileaks Stories project.  So, uhm, where to start from eh?

Well, I guess Dark Visions, the freeware, web-based adventure, should do. You can and should play it here, for it is a horror/mystery offering that feels quite reminiscent of classic Sierra games. The game does feature some really good puzzles and a great atmosphere, and should last you for a few hours.

On the not-so-freeware side of things we have the incredibly promising Prominence. It's a sci-fi first person adventure that will apparently sport multiple endings, top production values, space colonists, alien cultures and some great puzzles. Here's the impressive trailer:

As for The Dream Machine, a game Gnome's Lair has already covered and loved, it's got a shiny new site, whereas retro-styled point-and-clicker Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine has received a huge update that can be grabbed here. Oh, and here is the latest and greatest teaser of Blackwell Deception to round things up.

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  1. I was meaning to ask you on FB whether you took place in riots, but if you are feeling sore, I guess I have my answer. These bricks are getting heavier every year, aye?

    As for the adventure games, well, not really my cup of tea. I still need to finish Monkey Island Special Eidtion double pack.

  2. Well, I wasn't throwing anything at anyone, but I did participate in the demonstration. My best defense these days seems to be running away unfortunately. You can get sore even when on the defensive mind.

    Oh, and do give them Monkey Island games a push...