Jun 21, 2010

Raze Magazine Issue One

Raze issue 1Devils Crash

First published in late 1990, Raze was an excellent and pretty much final multi-format magazine by Newsfield, that read like a slightly more console-centric, slightly more Japan-loving version of The Games Machine. Happily, and thanks to the Out-Of-Print-Archive, you can now download the original issue 1 of Raze for free. Simply follow this link and grab a high definition, top quality scan of the magazine, that has the blessing of Newsfield Publications and is as legal as they get. You'll need a cbr reader to enjoy the mag, mind, so I suggest you have a look at the equally freeware Comical.

Content-wise this first issue of Raze covers everything from the Atari Lynx and the Amiga, to the Sega Master System and Amstrad's hopeless GX4000. In its 100 pages the issue features an extensive Which Console? article and sports dozens of reviews, previews and news-bits about such all-time favourites as Shadow of the Beast II, Devil's Crash, Lemmings and James Pond. Oh, and after you've done reading it, there's this excellent Newsfield related interview with Roger Kean to read, enjoy and fuel your nostalgia.

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  1. Oldies! Amiga!

    Downloading as we speak.

    Captha: dogragge - can't decide if
    it means "dog rage" or "dog ragga".

  2. Hmmm... maybe the collective google brain tried to communicate its love of reggae?

  3. Reminds me of Reggae Rhinos from Mammago Garage in Beyond Good & Evil:


  4. If you don't want to use a cbr reader, just extract any compressed file(s) using winzip or izarc and change the extension from (.cbr) to (.jpg) the files will open as regular jpeg files, instead of being just confined to a cbr format!

  5. James Pond! *Another* great Sega game that deserves a remake.

    Though I remember it having horribly, evilly, monstrously irritating levels a-plenty.

    I owned it briefly as a kid. Pretty sure it was one of those "tall" carts that EA put out. I always assumed it meant that there was extra RAM or something in there, but it was probably just a marketing ploy.

  6. @ Anonymous: Thanks for the tip!

    @ Bill: Ah, never new about the cart size. I only played it on the Amiga. It did come in properly sized disks, mind :D