Mar 31, 2010

TEN brilliant AMIGA remakes FOR free

I promise not to touch that CAPS key again, but you'll have to excuse my weird temperamental urges. From time to time at least. Anyway. That's a pretty pointless introduction, as this is quite obviously a post about classic Commodore Amiga games that have been remade and are free to download. Oh, and you might notice that some of them have already been mentioned on this very blog or that some excellent games such as Agony just haven't been remade yet. Still, all ten games presented here (and the few more thrown in as honorable mentions) are based on excellent originals that actually helped define Amiga gaming and have all been masterfully brought up to date.

Alien Breed Obliteration (download) The original Alien Breed was a true and truly great Amiga shooter. It was beautiful, fast paced, claustrophobic and looked so absolutely metallic. This is probably its best remake.

Hurrican (download) A remake of Turrican, thus a great platformer-shooter hybrid with outrageous power ups and excellent visuals.

Gods Deluxe (download) A very faithful remake of the Bitmap Brothers original, that retains both their visual style and the game's slow and brutal pace.

Yoda Soccer (download) The closest we will ever get to a Sensible Soccer remake. Not as good mind, but still an excellent open source footie, that keeps evolving and remains way more interesting than your FIFAs and Pro Evos.

SWIV Decimation (download) A definitive Amiga shmup brilliantly remade.

Atomix (download) Ah yes, another minor classic and an excellent puzzle game too. Definitely worth the hours you'll spend on it.

Superfrog Remake (download) A solid remake of a solid and great looking platformer that tried to beat Mario and Sonic. Still great fun and easy on the eye.

rE/generation (download) A brilliant remake of D/Generation, retaining the colourful isometric graphics and its puzzle / arcade-adventure gameplay. You might want to read this too.

Dungeon Master - Return to Chaos (download) The classic CRPG series complete and ready to run on modern machines.

Blitz Lemmings (download) Lemmings is possibly the most popular and most important Amiga game ever. Yes, even more important than Worms. You must thus play this great remake.

Honourable mentions go to: GigaLoMania, Super Cars III, Giana's Return, Cytadela, Devil's Sphere, Robocop 2D, Wormux, Lionheart

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  1. My time-travelling wanderings in retro gaming have only recently brought me across the delights of the Amiga, and the first one on your list, Alien Breed, so i'll be sure to give these a go=)

  2. Alien Breed? Lemmings?? Gods?! O_o

    I knew about some of those but there are SO many others. Having a look, right now!

  3. Goshdarnittoheck.

    Swiv. Turrican. Gods.

    I know what I will be doing when I get back from work.

  4. An excellent list. Which among those is your favorite? I'm trying to decide which to play first...

  5. Everyone should also take a look at this Lionheart remake that unfortunately only works on Windows XP.



  6. @ Rambo: And you'll surely enjoy it. Mind you, I'm about to get a new monitor for my A1200...

    @ Agustin: Have fun and make sure you don't get too distracted. You got a game to design.

    @ Barts: Hooorah! Better yet start now. Let's crush productivity.

    @ Ithmeer: I think it would be Alien Breed and the Dungeon Master port/compilation.

    @ Daktari: Absolutely agree. I did link it, mind, in the honorary mentions.

  7. Swedish Pete3/31/10, 7:51 PM

    Well, this is HARDLY any Amiga games. If they were, they would happily run on AmigaOS 4.1-hardware. Instead, these games ONLY run on Winbloat-platforms. I hardly see how this honors the AmigaOS community.

  8. Uhm, yes, Swedish Pete. It should have been quite obvious, when I referred to the games as REMAKES of classic Amiga games. Can't see the problem really...

  9. @Daktari

    Yea, it is kinda cool - I wrote about it couple months ago.

  10. An excellent list of remakes there, Gnome. Some I haven't even seen before.

  11. Thanks Neil. Some were newly discovered by me too...

  12. At least Yoda Soccer shouldn't be difficult to port ot AmigaOS 4.x, last time I have checked it was open source and ran under SDL.

  13. How very appropriate. Still, my A1200 is going nowhere, no matter what.