Mar 20, 2010

No More Armies Anymore

Well, the celebrations are more or less over and I'm sober enough to announce that, yes, I'm out of the bloody army. And yes, I hated every moment spent with those over-paid cretins. But, I'm back and wont be doing any slave labour in the foreseeable future. Not in the slightest. I will instead (provided things don't go spectacularly wrong) be concentrating on finishing that PhD of mine, moving to a new place, being pissed at a few outrageous laws, laughing at the police, fixing a couple problems here and there, hoping for the best, gaming, obviously blogging and -finally- finishing some games I promised ages ago. And if things go really well, well, there's definitely no shortage of plans. It is after all amazing how much one appreciates ones freedom after 10 months of not having it.

Oh, and as far as this particular blog is concerned, do expect a reboot of the Great Adventure Gaming Project, quite a few new reviews, a couple rants, some analog gaming pieces and probably more. Provided I stop drinking and wearing silly hats, that is. Cheers everyone!


  1. Welcome back! Congratulations on finishing the Army!

  2. Wow, that went by fast. Congrats on surviving this relatively unharmed. Down with the army!



  3. Great news, welcome back!

  4. Party on oh small bearded one! :)

  5. Glad to hear it Gnome. Armies are only cool *in videogames*.

  6. Hooray for friend Gnome being a free man once more!

  7. Not a Cannon Fodder anymore then eh? Lovely!

  8. Welcome back to civilian life, Gnome!

    Did they successfully overcome the innate sense of empathy that inhibits one's ability to kill?

  9. Welcome back! I've only just stumbled over to your blog after reading up on Ben's new adventure game, but I'll stick around if you'll have me.

    Looking forward to your posts concerning the Great Adventure Gaming Project. I'm a latecomer to adventure games, having only developed an interest since we were tasked with designing one as coursework, but already i'm hooked.

    Looking at your list, I have a ways ahead of me yet. I'm still playing my way through the first Broken Sword (and loving it), while Syberia, which I started months ago, remains neglected for the time being.

    Good stuff.

  10. Glad to hear you've regained control. :) I hope the economy there improves, and that all goes well with the Ph.D.

    I'm curious--what's on your game list?

  11. Sorry for the delay everyone and thanks for the comments, but I've been ridiculously busy; happily everything seems alright now.

    @ Vince: Thanks a ton! BTW, how's that game going? The demo was indeed great...

    @ Barts: Well my friend, time can be *very* subjective you know. Especially at the borders. Anyway. Down with the army. Might come to Poland sometime this year, mind...

    @ Rubes: Thank you very much! Nice to be here. And I'll soon be checking the news on 3D i-f.

    @ JMcL63: I did quite a bit my friend; at least till Sunday. Part's over, but thankfully so is the army!

    @ JOMG: Me too ;) And especially in Sensible Software ones.

    @ Ben: Hooray! And three cheers! And thanks!

    @ Anatoly: Thanks mate. Nice to be back. When should we expect your return?

    @ Sidd: Absolutely! Oh, and thanks for spotting the reference!

    @ Pacian: Thank you my friend. I'm afraid they did though. I could easily kill any kind of officer and quite possibly most sergeants. Never a soldier though.

    @ Rambo: Lovely seeing you around these places fellow adventurer. Sincerely hope you'll enjoy the series -should it actually manage to get off the ground. You are after all a man of apparently great taste.

    @ guttertalk: Ah, thanks my friend. Being back in control (or mostly) is quite brilliant. And I think I'll be playing quite a few adventures, possibly starting with Day of the Tentacle, while being all PhDy and possibly working on a non gaming project. As for the economy, weell, you know what I think about such things... All I care about is the movement. Oh, and I'm currently playing a ton of Galcon.

    Cheers all!

  12. @Gnome
    "time can be *very* subjective you know. Especially at the borders."

    As one of my profs said: infinity is a very long time, especially near the end.

    "Might come to Poland sometime this year, mind..."

    Really? Be sure to let me know in advance, if only I am around, I will try to show you a bit of this country of mine.

  13. That, dear Barts, would be brilliant. I'll let you know and make sure I see you.

  14. 10 Months? Try 4 years! Haha! Don't know about the overpaid bit though...I'm very much underpaid. Maybe I should leave the Royal Navy and join the Greek Army! But good news indeed

  15. Yes, my friend, but do try 10 months without pay! Ha! Oh, and I'm pretty sure you'd have a much better time in the Greek Army if you were there as a professional soldier. You'd do bloody nothing...

  16. Glad to have you back, and congrats on persevering!

  17. Oh my! Dear dear Possum. It's been ages! Lovely having you back and thanks too!