Mar 11, 2010

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge SE

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition

The fact that this blog features a news post -and one that actually feels quite fresh too- should come as more of a shock than Lucasarts announcing its special edition of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge and calling it Monkey Island 2: Special Edition. The creatively named game will apparently appear on the PC, Xbox 360, PS3, iPod and iPhone sometime during summer 2010, and -like its predecessor- will most probably be a download only affair.

Also like its succesful predecessor (Monkey Island: Special Edition if you haven't figured that out yet) MI2:SE will feature a reworked orchestral soundtrack, complete voice over with the series' classic cast, interesting new graphics, the mandatory and still gorgeous classic mode in all its 256 SVGA glory, an alternative control scheme and a (revamped) built-in hint system. Impressively, Lucasarts seems to have actually taken fan criticism into account and will finally be providing the voice over option in both the classic and special edition modes!

What's more, a selection of glorious extras are being promised, with the in-game commentary by the game's creators (hoorah!) and the promise of never before seen concept art being absolutely mouth watering. And I quite like the new art style too! Even the new Guybrush looks fine and proper, though -to be frank- they shouldn't have tempered with Steve Purcell's amazing box cover.

So, uhm, why not head over to the official Monkey Island 2: Special Edition website and have a look? As for me I'll also be keeping an eye on those Mojo specialists.

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  1. Ashamed to admit it, but I actually missed the first Monkey Island: Special Edition. Apparently, you can't buy it in Poland, too.

    Any suggestions as to where I could LEGALLY download it?

  2. Well, did you try Steam? I thin amazon might help you too...

  3. Crap, not only did I miss the game, but also the fact that it is available on steam. And I was googling for it before asking, FFS.

    Anyways, next long weekend I got - I'll be downloading this thing.

  4. I think you'll quite enjoy it. The voice over is excellent, the music is the best thing I've ever heard in a PC game and the new graphics are above average. Maybe even good. bar Guybrush.

  5. Personally, I didn't like the look of the first SE too much, but the new one looks excellent.

  6. Well, I quite liked the new MI graphics, though I definitely didn't love Guybrush. MI2, on the other hand, looks absolutely brilliant and sports a correct and proper Guybrush.