Dec 26, 2009

Army Break 12: A bit of Zaku & Atari

Hope everyone enjoyed their Xmas holidays, hope everyone enjoys new year's eve too, but I'm afraid I'll have to leave you for one last time. Hopefully for less than three weeks. And when I return I think I'll have some time for my gaming-blogging activities, as well as the peace of mind required to write for the rather excellent Retroaction magazine.

Guess I'll try and review Zaku for it, provided of course I manage to buy myself a lovely review copy. Zaku is a brand new Atari Lynx (!) game you know (a shmup to be precise), and it generally looks like this:


  1. Hope your days go by like minutes, Gnome..!!

    I cringe just looking at Zaku! I am absolutely horrible at those types of games.. Best of luck defeating it, and I will be looking for that review... (better you than me)!!

    Come back in one small hairy piece and we shall see you soon!

  2. Wow, Zaku's attacks are totally lifted form Air Zonk.
    ...though, that is an awesome game to lift things from.

  3. Sup, gnome? Just dropped by to say hello :)

  4. Happy festivities, Gnome, hope things calm down somewhat in the new year... We look forward to your return to the Retroaction team. Truth be told, things are a bit slow at the moment as real life has kicked in big style, which is a bugger as I've got some great articles sitting over here. You never know, you may be back in time for issue 4. Take care.

  5. I'll be doing the ancient English 'Gnome dance'. It's like a rain dance, only instead of summoning rain it summons something else that I've forgotten.

  6. Happy 2010 everyone! Let's hope it turns out better than 09...

    @ Deitrix: Came back! Not that hairy though, as mandatory shaving definitely isn't a brilliant idea for gnomes.

    @ xAd: Indeed, though I'm sure there's more to it beyond borrowed controls and technical superiority.

    @ Nebacha: Fine my friend. Oh and thanks!

    @ Nreive: Thanks and I'll most probably manage to contribute to issue 4!

    @ Pacian: It does lool brilliant, mind, what is it?