Dec 14, 2009

Army Break 10: Be Right Back

No, really. I should be back before the 24th, which is -admittedly (and hopefully)- bearable. In the meantime I would suggest playing through the excellent and finally complete Tales of Monkey Island series, having a go at Space Hulk, downloading some stunning free games or feeling 100% silly with Band Hero for the Wii.


  1. "Army break"? Ehm... dude, are you saying you are _forced_ into the army? What part of the world are you from? North Korea? China? Russia? :/

  2. Reader, our dear Gnome is from Greece. Unfortunately, this means that army is obligatory to him. Same thing was in Poland until recently, for that matter, so it's not only North Korea and China.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe the days pass quickly.

    BTW, are you behind a French version of your site?

  4. @Gnome: You'll be back and reading this comment before you know it! :-)

    @Reader: Look up National Service.

  5. Man hope all goes well.

  6. @ Reader: Think dear Barts answered that correctly. Yes, you are forced into the army here...

    @ Barts: Thanks for explaining my friend!

    @ Guttertalk: Thank you my fried. And, non, I'm not behind said translation of Gnome's Lair. Think I should look into it?

    @ Pacian: Oh my, you were right!

    @ Jack: Thanks :)