Feb 27, 2008

The indie loving Slave Circus

Indie games are going stronger by the day and Slave Circus, the brand new Canadian publisher with the intriguing name, is apparently here to help them. Visit the shiny new Slave Circus website, see what's on offer and don't forget to feel happy for finally getting a chance to grab proper boxed copies of such indie favorites as Devastro and Autocross Racing. Oh, and watch this blog for reviews of some of the more interesting games on offer.

Anyway. Here's a rather juicy bit from the particularly official Slave Circus Entertainment press release:
Slave Circus Entertainment Inc, opens its doors in Brampton, Ontario. Slave Circus management brings extensive experience and support to independent game developers worldwide. Providing valuable experience and service to developers in the fields of game publishing and distribution. Slave Circus was founded by a dynamic sales and management team from such notable companies as Wal-Mart Canada, CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) and RBC World Markets.

Our current efforts include establishing our catalogue to major retailers and building new markets for developers. We've had an excellent response thus far from developers worldwide, most recently building partnerships with studios such as Gabitasoft (Hyperball Racing), Pi-Eye Games (Scavenger), DK Games (Animates) and many more. Clearly developers want options when choosing a distribution partner said Peter C. Wood, VP of Distribution.

As part of our continuing distribution efforts we are actively seeking games to distribute as we forge new retail channels through North America, with over 30 additional titles set to release by the end of year.
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  1. Wow. Sorry to post off topic but one of your ebay - ad things is saying that forgotten realms collection is going for like $34!!!

    I bought my copy WAY back in the day for like $5.

    I had no idea it was getting rare.

    Maybe my PC game collection is worth more than I though...

  2. Looks like their cover of Devastro is better than Russian.

  3. Slave Circus does not have anything to do with exotic dancers does it?

  4. Hmm, was pleasantly surprised to see that Slave Circus actually accepts payment in my currency - unfortunately shipping is quite expensive though :(

    Devastro looks fun though :)

  5. And I do think dear Caleb, that 34$ is actually quite cheap. Oh, and before you go the eBay way... do drop me a line... I'm quite obsessed with boxed PC games.

    That dear chentzilla is nigh on impossible.

    Unfortunately no dear funnyman.

    Think you can always go the downloadable way Roys my friend. Oh, and if you cared for Cannon Fodder you'll probably like Devastro too.

  6. Definitely right of course, my dear Gnome but I've always prefered the feel of holding the game box, manuals in my hands over a downloaded version:(

  7. So do I Roys, but when there's no alternative I have no reall problem going with downloads...

  8. Guess you're right as usual :)

  9. Bah... guess I'm wrong really... just took another look at the Gabriel Knight 3 box....

  10. You're in favour of putting slaves in a circus right now Gnome? Whatever happened to our communist ideals? Admittedly I'm totally pissed right now, and my shaky fingers are stuttering around the keyboard of my brand new AOL whored out laptop... But Lord knows my good friend...
    I'm pissed! What were we talking about?

    Oh yes The Elderly! God bless him and all who sail in him! *FK IS really very drunk...*`

  11. Yes, well, uhm, let me see now... Couldn't we perhaps discuss a comunist feudal system? Might just work you know...

    And do give me that bottle for a sec if you will.