Feb 14, 2008

Game Cabaret: A Cabaret for ... err ... yes, Gamers!

Otto Dix CabaretYears in the making and having already costs us 4 virgins, 2 pens, 12 acres of fertile farmland, a ZX Spectrum (complete with Interface 2) and a particularly cuddly dog, but, well, we finally made it for here it finally is. Actually, make that here. All you have to do is follow the link and be transported to the world of the Game Cabaret, where -apparently- the sexy, dark, humorous and at times serious side of video gaming is being discussed.

Now, to be on the more informative side of things and assuming you wouldn't care to read this little post, the Game Cabaret is a blog by the Artful Gamer, Guttertalk and my humble self, that will try to be quite a bit different by cunningly focusing on what others ignore. Cunning, innit? And, just to make sure we achieve such a lofty goal, there will hopefully be some regular guest posts, so if you'd like to contribute your well-penned ramblings do let me (us) know. Oh, and if you'd be so kind as to spread the word by linking to the thing... Thanks!

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  1. Christ Gnome! Just clicking on that link has made me question my own sexuality!

    What does this gaming blog mean to our joint venture? Is it 'cos I didn't post enough on GGOTG?

    You've got this outstanding (and cerebral) gaming blog, have I been reduced to a sometime poster on your original offshoot blog?

    And where does that leave your contribution to the SJY?

    Oh God! I'm having to nip off for a private moment...

    (Yes I'm crying Gnome...)

  2. Did someone say sex? I am clicking the link right now.

  3. If this involves what I think it does then I should have a very fun, albeit dirty, night indeed.

    Erm, I mean, great post, Gnome...

    Also, Father and Funnyman, good to see you guys here.

  4. Do you know what makes me happy when I am on the verge of crying father? It is sex in video games. Hopefully, that will work for you.

  5. No, no, don't question your sexuality Father. It's just too late and you could only make things worse. Please, relax. Have a sip of tea. Now, what made you think I'm going to ignore either GGOTG or Retro Treasures? Of course I wont. THough, truth be said, the SJY will have to wait for my Master System Junkyard contributions first. Oh, and if you'd mail me...

    (restrains Funnyman and feed him a variety of soothing and/or hallucinogenic pills)

    Ross, you've misunderstood. There's nothing dirty in the Cabaret, neither in the Dix painting. Still, feel free to enjoy :)

  6. Excellent, more Gnome goodness :D

    It's earned a link from me1

  7. We thank you deeply dear Tom, and as you must have noticed have already linked to your brilliant place.

  8. Ohhhhh, this looks interesting. I will definately check this out when I've got an extra minute.

    Stupid family visits...

  9. Hope you enjoy it Dane of War. And do enjoy the visit too! Heh.

  10. Linked, naturally. Thanks for the hat-tip, gnomie!

  11. Thanks for the link Red Bull dear. Much appreciated!