Dec 26, 2007

Retro Game RGCD One More Time (?)

Should have told you lot earlier, I know, but things were pretty hectic again and so I guess I can't do better than tell you now. Well, here I go then... the fourth issue of the amazing RGCD retro games discmag has been made available for free download here. Sporting 24 review, 10 articles and tons of free games and emulators it's everything you've come to expect and more. Now you know. There's even a bit of gnomish love in it too...

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  1. James (RGCD)12/27/07, 12:47 AM

    And lets hope fro even more gnome love next issue ;)

  2. Oh, it definitely will dear James...

  3. I downloaded the mag but couldn't find the Gnomish mention... Where is it dear Gnome?

  4. Ah, it's nothing more than a short second opinion piece on the featued game... Hoefully I'll manage more next issue....