Nov 28, 2007

A rather reasonable Resonance update

As this will apparently be the last developer's diary on Resonance for the next few months, I thought I'd let you lot know. Oh, and also had the weird feeling it would be wise to remind you that Resonance will soon be a highly innovative, beautifully 2D, shockingly interesting and apparently highly polished adventure for the PC sporting dozens of weird inventories. You might also want to check these rather related Gnome's Lair posts too:


  1. I'm all for it! (I think...) *HIC!* but it also seems a tad complicated... Can you post a link to the finished and polished game Gnome?

    Thanks! FK :)

  2. (grabs bottle from Father)

    Well, I will definitely post such a link dear friend as soon as the game is ready...

    (gives bottle back)

  3. *Swigs for the third time and then falls over...*

    I love you Gnome... *HIC!* etc...

    Comment deleted: