Nov 5, 2007

The Complete Uncut Monkey Island Film

Monkey Island UncutIt's been quite a while since I last linked to Ron Gilbert's excellent Grumpy Gamer blog and I do believe that's a horrible thing to do. Nasty even, especially now that Mr. Gilbert has gone back to semi-regularly updating the thing. So, uhh... LINK, LINK, LINK. Now, that's over, and here's another link that will magically transport you to the lovely little web-corner where the brilliant Monkey Island Flash Film is constantly being played. Feel free to laugh out loud. Especially if you are at work, that is.

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  1. Cool. Makes me wish I'd played Monkey Island.

    What was that sound? It was like someone falling off of a chair.

  2. You haven't? You must! You absolutely have to. And then play Monkey 2. And then fix that accursed chair of yours.

  3. I laughed so damn hard! xD This video is just brilliant.

  4. I obviously agree my friend :)

  5. most excellent.. ...i'll get the popcorn... someone hit the lights....

    CRAShhhh! Owwwwww!

    ...I meant hit the lights After I come back with the popcorn.. jeezzz!!

  6. Yes, obviously. You're right. Sorry. Lets try again.

    (switches lights off)

  7. My dear Gnome,

    That was hysterical!! Thanks for finding it.

    Now....get working on your reviews. ;)


  8. Right, right...

    Off I go then. Oh, and thanks for dropping in Wendy dear...

  9. ..CRASH!... BBbaannnnnnggggg! Ouchhh!!!!

    (calmly elderly picks himself up of the floor, staunching the blood spurting from his forehead.....and turns back on the lights)

    After!!!! I return with the popcorn!