Jun 26, 2007

Decker's Delight Links (26.Jun.07)

Yes, it's been less than a month, but Decker's Delight Links are back way sooner than expected, though definitely not sooner than promised. Now, turn on the A/C, drink a lemonade, jack into cyberspace and enjoy some of the web's best bits (with a strong retro flavour)...
Richard Cobbet, the man with the (excellent) journal, has gone out of his way to remind us just how powerful a weapon humor can be, especially against the puny forces of ignorance, bigotry, fascism and sheer bad taste. Manhunt 2: UK edition is his take on the Manhunt 2 censorship issue.

NFG Games, being the detached & esteemed game historians they apparently are, have come up with some lavishly illustrated Sonic: A sprite history and Castlevania: Another sprite history feature articles instead. Ah, the sheer beauty of 2D pixel art...

And speaking of historians let us not forget their more commodified version: collectors. They'll be glad to know that Game Set Watch has gone all Retro Treasures loving (well, almost) and published an exhaustive SEGA Genesis collector's guide, covering everything from the original MegaDrive, to the fabled Neptune, to the unappreciated Sega CD.

Reporting from the pure gaming retro gaming front, racketboy (with the help of marurun) has compiled the fantastic TurboGrafx-16 101: The Beginner's Guide finally shedding some light on a console I haven't even touched.

Now, keeping with the retro theme of this DDL installment and searching around the mainstream sites, I noticed GameSpot presenting the truly excellent Unsung Heroes: Groundbreaking Games from Computer History. It's a feature article on the forefathers of Civilization, The Sims, the FPS sniper rifle and the inspiration behind some wildly successful contemporary games.

Oh, and as Independent Gaming wisely noticed, the latest issue (that, would be no.2) of the RGCD discmag, the essential discmag for retro gamers, is finally available for download right here. Its 170MB of game files, dozens of reviews and 6 wholesome features are something you must absolutely see for yourselves.

Failing that, do pay Bits Bytes Pixels Sprites a visit and drool over the fantastic Adventure II for the Atari 5200, the homebrew sequel to the classic Atari 2600 Adventure that just (weeeell...) got released.

ZX Spectrum lovers, or more precisely people who wish they had loved an 8-bit Speccy when it was young and perky, should be thrilled to know that the mysterious individuals behind the HEXUS.gaming personas have prepared a feature on the games of the ZX Spectrum just for them. Ok, us too.

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  1. I've been out of touch with the gaming community for the past two weeks (hence the blog posts unrelated to gaming, but you know I get bored!) so a post like this is good for me as it allows me to catch-up!

    Cheers Gnome :-)

  2. And what a catch up, huh? All the way to the early eigthies... :)

    Cheers Tom. Enjoy your Rankin mate!

  3. Gnome best bits..... err no I mean Gnomes best links.. yes thats it, not best bits..

    best links... and a quality collection i may say....

    ....of links

    thank you for the pron link.. cough! seamus will be delighted..

  4. Seamus the Leprechaun6/27/07, 12:54 AM

    Finally Leprechaun Pron gets brought out in the open.. its a proud day for the Irish ... and an historic day in history of the Gnome and the Leprechaun species.. one small pronfor a Leprechaun one ogre step for Gnomekind.....

    Viva le Gnome!!!!!!

  5. A great collection of links there Gnome and thanks for the heads up!

    I take it Deckers Delights is the new Museum Monday?

  6. Vive le pr0n de leprechaun!

    (takes ogre step and smiles)

    You should try to keep Seamus happier Mr. Elderly. It's your responsibility you know. Them fairy folk are quite a rarity... Oh, and always happry to pornlink away...

    Thank you oh Father... Like Museum Monday you say... well... at least this one doesn't have to be so regular... Oh, and MM is not quite dead you know... Thikn I saw it moving some days ago...

  7. ..yeah your right im too hard on the little fecker... this day forward marks the turning of a new leaf in elderly leprechaun relations.....

  8. I'll let the UN know and prepare a huge party. We 're all bachelors, aren't we?

  9. manhunt is taking a lot of shite.. it must be pretty vulgar.

  10. Well, dear Deitrix, vulgarity is not the point.. Censhorship is.

  11. UN, Seamus will be delighted though the little fecker looks likely to lose his batcherlorhoodliness soon..

    manhunt.. don't get me started the original was a gratuitous sneak and kill gore fest.. played it, didn't particularily like it, the second most likely more of the same with extra panache... an adult game for adults.... banned , yet i can walk into a shop and buy cigarettes which have the potential to kill me...

  12. Oh my! Olga did it, huh? I knew them cyber-girls were up to no good... poor lil' leprechaun...

    And please don't remind them of the cigarettes. Nobody, after all, expects the bloody spanish inquisition...

  13. pretty loose our Olga... i hear

    as of today it is illegal to smoke indoors throughout the entire island of Ireland, unless in your own home or in prison...


  14. Who cares about Olga, you're kidding me on the smoking bit, aren't you?

  15. nope... fraid not, we can smoke outdoors or at home or in prison... penalty is a fine and a possiblity of prison time for reoffenders.....

    North and South of Ireland are now nanny states....

  16. Nanny police states, more like it. Then again, here, we just byrned the final athenian forest. Lovely.

  17. ..no fraid our level of control extends to the political arena... a personal vendetta by a Government Minister.... we've got urselves a new polic ombudsman now... this oughta be fun...

  18. But of course. Things tend to go towards their most amusing end of the spectrum on a global scale. 't least they could let us smoke it through, though.